acrylic dentures

All our acrylic dentures are manufactured in our on-site laboratory to exceptionally high standards using the highest quality materials available.

Generally the more expensive the option the more lifelike and durable and resistant to wear the denture will be.

We offer 4 different options to match individual needs and budgets  and each option is available as full or partial dentures and all these options are considered to be ‘private’ dentures.

We offer a standard turnaround time of just 1 week with the exception of our  Phonares denture which is available with a same day option.

Option 1- The natura denture; Full set just £599

Our natura denture is our `entry level` option, and this denture is featuring  well proven Schottlander natura teeth and a high quality `standard` strength acrylic base material to provide an affordable high-quality denture.

Natura anterior teeth use skillful shading, internal mamelon effects and a subtle response to changing light conditions to achieve their remarkably lifelike appearance. Natura posterior teeth, with natural translucent cusps, are exceptionally strong and durable in the mouth and there is now a five year guarantee card available.

Option 2- The enigma denture; Full set just £850

The enigma denture is a stronger and more convincing option.  enigma teeth  have additional characterization which means that they look more natural-this is especially relevant for partial denture wearers when the denture teeth need to perfectly match existing natural teeth .  This denture includes Lucitone high impact denture base material which  is 6 times stronger than standard acrylic. This super strong denture is ideal for patients with a history of denture fracture or when a denture opposes natural teeth.

Option 3- The IVOCLAR Ultimate denture; Full set just £1,395

Part of out ultimate range  this denture   features ` Ivoclar` denture teeth which are generally regarded in the industry as being some of the most lifelike available.

This denture is constructed by senior technician using superstrong high impact base material which is then hand stained, fully contoured and customised to mimic the natural characteristics of natural soft tissue .

Option 4- The Phonares same day denture-the best denture available …with a same day service! Full set just £2,495

As a dedicated denture provider our Phonares same day denture option represents the epitome of what we do.

We have  created our Phonares denture to be simply the best quality acrylic denture available anywhere at any price ….

.…and now it is possible to have your new Phonares dentures on the same day!

How our same day service works..

This denture is available on the same day and we have carefully created timelines to accommodate patients who might be travelling long distances to see us.

Your day with us will be very carefully planned and during your visit you will be allocated your own senior prosthetics technician to guarantee that everything will go smoothly.

Your clinical treatment will be provided by Dr Sophie Hellewell who has 20 years experience providing dentures.

At HQ dental you will receive a warm welcome and as our guest you will have the use of a private waiting room in between appointments-of course we’ll provide lunch and look after you.

Some of our patients choose to escape for a couple of hours and spend some of their time in between appointments in the afternoon to exploreLeeds.

Partial Acrylic Dentures

Partial Dentures are more complicated to make than full dentures. They usually involve extra stages in the surgery and additional laboratory work which is why they are more expensive. As a standard feature all of the partial dentures made at dentureshop are produced in high impact acrylic.

Chrome Dentures

A cobalt chrome framework is often a healthier option for partial denture wearers. A chrome framework connects onto and around existing teeth to hold the denture firmly in place. Cobalt chrome dentures are more secure and they usually allow areas of the palate to be exposed which is healthier for soft tissue in the mouth.

A cobalt chrome fitting surface or palate can sometimes be used to provide strength and stability to dentures for patients with a strong bite and a history of denture fracture. Chrome based dentures can be made ultra thin for people  who struggle with the feeling of `bulky` dentures.