repairs, additions and relines

denture repairs

If you’ve broken your denture we can usually help and we provide a while you wait repair service Monday-Thursday 8am-4pm Friday 8am-3pm. No appointment is required.

Repairs usually take less than an hour and we charge £40 for the service.

If getting to us us difficult you could post your repair to us or we might even be able to collect and deliver your denture-HQ dental laboratory have a fleet of delivery vehicles covering the North and we’ll help if we can.

We repair broken dentures by cutting out and replacing the acrylic around the break and most  dentures can be repaired if we can positively locate the broken pieces-for this reason

it’s really important that you do not try to glue a broken denture.

Why has my denture broken?…if a denture breaks during normal use it’s usually because the denture isn’t fitting properly-dentures work by transmitting the enormous biting and chewing forces onto supporting bone structure-this bone is constantly shrinking which means that over time the fitting surface becomes inaccurate and the denture starts to flex and then eventually break.

Will my denture break again?…probably-denture repair material isn’t as strong as as acrylic used in the manufacturing process and most repaired dentures are likely to break again. We cannot guarantee a denture repair and all repairs should be seen as a temporary measure.

denture relines

All dentures are supported by bone structure which is constantly shrinking and over time dentures stop fitting accurately making them loose and likely to break. We reline a denture by taking an impression inside your denture allowing us to create a new and accurate fitting surface making your denture fit like new. Most denture wearers benefit from having their dentures relined every 3 years. An appointment with one of our dentists is required for this service.

We can usually reline any full denture and some partial dentures and provide a sit and wait relining service which usually takes approximately one and a half hours and the cost is £120.

denture additions

If you are a partial denture wearer and you loose one or more of your own natural teeth we can usually add teeth onto your denture to fill the spaces. If you need an extraction we will usually add a new tooth to your denture during the same appointment-we can also add flanges, additional clasps or pieces of missing dentures. The process usually involves taking upper and lower impression and an appointment with one of our dentists is required.

We provide a sit and wait addition service and most additions take around one and a half hours.