Missing Teeth #MissingType

NHS blood donation

Today we came across NHS blood donation #MissingType campaign and we decided straight away to support it!
Therefore we missed/lost our "O" and told everybody on all channels about it. Blood donation is important, and your health and well-being are important for us.

Here, at dentureshop, we really do care!

This is an attitude that does not stop beyond our doorstop, but it is part of who we are, so we are happy to ask anyone willing to give blood and help, along us, people, that are in life-threatening situations

Whilst "missing" teeth are our speciality and we are doing our best for you to recover your full smile, we acknowledge that life is not always smooth sailing and when it throws a curved ball to anyone, we like to come together and help! So we are gladly going to miss our O's for this cause. 

Missing Teeth

No-one will understand what are you going through every day and challenges you are facing. We hear from every patient their story and we are glad we can help overcome their difficulties if it either ill-fitting dentures that are hurting them whilst trying to eat, or loose dentures that are making speech difficult and an embarrassing situation.

If you are getting a denture for the first time Richard and Sophie are here to support you and advise on getting used to such a life changing stage.

A New Smile Ready Just In Time for Christmas

We are all looking forward to the Holiday Season, a time to gather with the family around the table, a time of rest, joy and laughter. Silly jokes, eating good food and smiles are the essence of the season. But what if you feel you will not be able to fully enjoy it because your teeth are failing you?

We can help you – you can have a new set of dentures in just one week, or if you may consider more permanent solution, like dental implants, Yorkshire Implant Centre is in the same building and same dentists will be the ones treating you.

dentureshop has its own awarded dental laboratory on-site, that has been producing dental work for 30 years, HQ dental, so your case will be sorted swiftly by experienced senior dental technicians.


Valplast Flexible Dentures


If you need a partial denture you should enquire about partial flexible dentures. This type of denture is produced from a different material than usual rigid, acrylic dentures and it is recommended for partial dentures.

It is thinner, lighter and, as the name suggests flexible making adjustment to wearing a denture a lot faster and easier.

Also, Flexible dentures are becoming more popular as patients and dentists discover the benefits
of this lighter, more aesthetic and more comfortable option. In addition, the unique strength
and flexibility of Valplast, makes it useful in a wide variety of dental applications including:

Valplast flexible denture
VALPLAST cosmetic gum veneers
VALPLAST full dentures with undercuts
VALPLAST oral cancer/cleft palate cases
VALPLAST on lay techniques
VALPLAST nightguard and bruxism appliances

The dentures are amnufactured at our on-site dental laboratory, HQ dental…

HQ dental – flexible dentures

Christmas Competition 2014

dentureshop is launching the Christmas 2014 competition. In the spirit of giving we will award a set of dentures, as you will need/ be advised during the free consultation at dentureshop,at Swallow House,349 Tong Road,Leeds, LS12 4QG

Once you have finished your consultation you will be given a number for the final draw on 19th of December 2014, and we will call you to come and get the voucher, if you would like to have as a gift for someone special, just in time for Xmas.

After your consultation you will be given the full rules of the competition and value of the voucher, if you shall win.

If you have decided to have the work done before the final draw, and you are a winner, we will refund you.

Either for you, or if you want to give a really special gift of smile and joy of life, please book a free consultation 0n 0113 279 6667, or email enquiries@leedsdentureshop.com
you can message or comment on our page https://www.facebook.com/leedsdentureshop


dentureshop in media

The dentureshop was featured on The Business Desk website, in its lifestyle section, on June 26, 2013.

 “Richard Wainwright, managing director of HQ Dental Laboratory, said getting new dentures traditionally involves several technical stages where pallet impressions are taken by a dentist and sent away to a dental laboratory. Dentureshop allows the whole process to be carried out in one place with new dentures being supplied in one week.”

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