Valplast Flexible Dentures


If you need a partial denture you should enquire about partial flexible dentures. This type of denture is produced from a different material than usual rigid, acrylic dentures and it is recommended for partial dentures.

It is thinner, lighter and, as the name suggests flexible making adjustment to wearing a denture a lot faster and easier.

Also, Flexible dentures are becoming more popular as patients and dentists discover the benefits
of this lighter, more aesthetic and more comfortable option. In addition, the unique strength
and flexibility of Valplast, makes it useful in a wide variety of dental applications including:

Valplast flexible denture
VALPLAST cosmetic gum veneers
VALPLAST full dentures with undercuts
VALPLAST oral cancer/cleft palate cases
VALPLAST on lay techniques
VALPLAST nightguard and bruxism appliances

The dentures are amnufactured at our on-site dental laboratory, HQ dental…

HQ dental – flexible dentures